The BMA is committed to advancing the opportunities of the manufacturing sector by ensuring that manufacturers are up to date with the latest in industry best practices. The organisation has set clear benchmarks for the technical staff regarding direct intervention and assistance as they guide micro and small enterprises towards success; and supports medium and large in several areas including lobbying. This is done in part through consultancies or by providing a number of services to help manufacturers become more efficient. The organisation further provides opportunities for manufacturers by:

  • Guiding manufacturers in the use of modern and safe methods of manufacturing by encouraging the maintenance of proper standards of safety, whilst maintaining good labour relations and fostering employee welfare;
  • Encouraging manufacturers to adhere to proper standards whilst maintaining high quality products;
  • Promoting and encouraging the use by consumers of products manufactured in Barbados through our Brands of Barbados Campaign and local and international Trade Fairs and Trade Missions.

The BMA also assists manufacturers to secure markets for raw materials and finished products. We also offer consultations with reference to any challenges that affect local industries and take necessary action to resolve these issues as may be thought proper and expedient.

As part of its mandate, the BMA promotes, supports, or lawfully opposes governmental legislation and measures, as necessary, which can impact on the Association or its members. The Barbados Manufacturers’ Association also provides technical, mentoring (utilising skilled retirees) and consulting services tailored to suit micro, small and medium-sized producers.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services include but are not limited to:

  • Providing relevant information and advice as it relates to exporting to overseas markets.
  • Informing members about the necessary standards, regulations and procedures that must be followed when producing products for both local and international markets.
  • Aiding our members in finding suitable distribution outlets for their products whether it is locally or internationally.
  • Keeping abreast of the various trade agreements (both bilateral and multilateral) that Barbados has and will be signing on to, since such agreements can negatively or positively impact on manufacturers.
  • Advice and assistance with packaging;
  • Access to specialised training
  • Assess, plan, and implement custom-made solutions to assist producers to be export ready.