Trade & Innovation EXPO (TIE) 2023

October 27th – 29th at the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium

The Trade & Innovation EXPO (TIE) 2023 (formerly BMEX) continues its evolution with its integration with the Brands of Barbados Campaign (BOB). From 2023, the EXPO will become the annual signature event of showcasing and encouraging the expansion of brands produced in Barbados. The amalgamation will significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of our business promotion and development initiatives while meeting the ever-changing needs of our members and stakeholders.

For more details about the integration and to learn more about the Brands of Barbados (BOB), visit the BOB page by clicking here.


TIE 2023 continues under our overarching theme of “Our Global Village” with a focus on sustainable living/development and growth in manufacturing via exports. Why Sustainable Living/Development? Life sciences, which focuses on overall wellness, is driving innovative solutions in international manufacturing. In every sector of the manufacturing industry, sustainable solutions that solve issues we face are being developed. Why Exports? Continuous growth in exports is a core focus of the BMA. It is the key to success in the manufacturing sector and the Barbadian economy. Nevertheless, we are aware that for a business to get to the stage of export exposure and the growth of its brand in the local market is crucial, hence our focus on exposure and promotion under the Brands of Barbados campaign integration within the EXPO.

EXPO Layout

The EXPO layout indoors will feature Pavilions that start with our micro and small manufacturers demonstrating their amazing high-quality products and potential for growth and export. It will segue into pavilions that feature innovation via education, health and manufacturing, beauty and fashion and finish with a presentation of manufacturers who are at the fore front of the export drive producing products we are proud to share with Our Global Village. On the outdoors we the present the Sustainable Manufacturing and Bajan Marketplace Pavilions.

Therefore, the exhibition will consist of the following Pavilions:

  1. Getting Ready for the World – Micro & Small Businesses manufacturing amazing products.
  2. Innovation Via Education – Knowledge and training available for manufacturers.
  3. Health Beauty & Fashion – Exhibits featuring locally made health, beauty and fashion products.
  4. Regional Partners & Global Connections – Manufacturers from the region and the world.
  5. Exporting To Our Global Village – Local manufacturers leading the export drive.
  6. Sustainable Manufacturing – Climate Change Mitigation, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Manufacturing.
  7. Bajan Marketplace – Shopping area for retailers to sell their products.

Participants will exhibit within the pavilion that best aligns with their business. The pavilions will demonstrate how locally manufactured products contribute to safe sustainable living and how manufacturers develop from local to export markets. Regional and International manufacturers who produce innovative products falling within the categories will be welcomed to join us within the Regional Partners & Global Connections Pavilion.

The larger EXPO spaces will enable an increased visitor experience. More patrons will be able to attend while having more to see, learn and purchase in a more spacious environment. Our EXPO promotion and advertising in 2023 will ensure that exhibitors reach the largest possible audience during and after the EXPO. Exhibitors will also have the flexibility to employ creative strategies that increase engagement with their booths and products.

The creation of a Digital version of the EXPO and other content for the BOB will be further enhanced with the use of Pavilions. Showcasing exhibitors within a curated theme will increase the visibility of their products and businesses and make it easier to promote and share information about Barbadian products locally and via BMA and stakeholder trade missions.


The BMA will work with exhibitors to ensure they select the best booth size and location for their business and product promotion and sales upon registration. Spaces are limited therefore early registration is recommended. Only Food & Beverage Manufacturers will be allowed to sample and sell food items inside the EXPO. No Food Vendors will be inside the EXPO. Retailers and Food Vendors will have dedicated spaces outdoors. We can offer more retail spaces this year to create a marketplace that truly celebrates our retail partners and provide patrons with the shopping they have come to expect. The EXPO will also feature entertainment at specified times. Please see EXPO layout for booth locations and numbers.

The list below shows the available booth sizes and pricing:

Booth Size Price VAT Incl.
Table Top $510.00 (Sold Out)
8 x 8 $1,870.00 (Sold Out)
8  x 10 $1,963.50 (Sold Out)
10 x 10 $2,197.25 (Sold Out)
20 x 20 $4,224.50 (Sold Out)
8 x 8 Outdoor $1,320.00
8  x 10 Outdoor $1386.00
10 x 10 Outdoor $1,551.00
20 x 20 Outdoor $2,982.00
** 10 x 10 Retail Outdoor $325.00

How To Register

  1. Download and complete the registration form selecting the size booth. Sign, scan, and email (email address on form) or fax the form to 1-246-436-5182.
  2. Once we receive the registration form, we will discuss and confirm booth availability and location.
  3. Once happy with your selection, a non-refundable deposit of 60% must be paid to reserve booth/s. Payment can be made at the BMA office or via bank transfer (Bank details on second page of registration form).
  4. We will then email the Exhibitors Manual to facilitate preparation for the EXPO.

If you have any issues or queries call the BMA office at 1-246-426-4474.

Additional Information

  1. Exhibitors can register for multiple booths.
  2. For the context of the EXPO Food Vendors refer to business who only engage in the preparation and sale of food and who do not manufacture products.
  3. Payments can be made at the BMA office at James Fort Building Bridgetown or via Bank Transfer. (See registration form for banking information.)
  4. The Exhibitor’s Manual will contain all necessary information, however if you have any queries, please contact us.