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BMEX 2021 Update – 2021-08-03

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Evolution Of The Barbados Manufacturers’ Exposition (BMEX)

The Barbados Manufacturers’ Association (BMA)’s, 1981 furniture expo called “Expo’81 evolved into the BMA’s annual trade show called BMEX’ (the Barbados Manufacturers’ Exposition), the first of which was held in 1982. Our exhibitions have attracted exhibitors from as far as South Africa, Israel, North America and the South Pacific Islands.

BMEX’s Aims & Objectives

The main aim of the exposition is to showcase the finest products made in Barbados, with its main objectives being:

  • To increase consumer awareness of the quality, variety and availability of locally manufactured goods;
  • To keep local buyers updated as to what can be offered and hence what they should not have to import (import substitution);
  • To encourage extra-regional business partnerships whereby overseas buyers to place orders with local manufacturers for exports.

Because of the importance of regional and international trade we also aim:

  • To display and promote the region’s manufactured goods and services;
  • To sensitise consumers to the range and quality of regionally manufactured goods;
  • To further develop and foster trading relationships between manufacturers/exporters and consumers worldwide with special emphasis on CARICOM member states, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, other South and Central American countries;
  • To facilitate the exchange of views and information leading to the formation of joint ventures, and the marketing of services.

Service Companies

The BMA also invite service companies to participate as they provide services to manufacturers. In addition, the growing connection between the cultural industries and manufacturing is exploding and we love to capture this within BMEX.