BMEX 2021 Update


Preparations for BMEX 2021 are well underway. The Barbados Manufacturers’ Association, organisers of the exhibition, revealed that BMEX 2021 will consist of physical and virtual components which will allow the show to continue in the event of any COVID-19 or natural disaster occurrences. This approach is being supported in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, recent ash fall and a predicted higher than usual active hurricane season.

This year’s theme “Resilience & Growth via Adaptation” highlights the manufacturing sector’s commitment to persevering during trying times and preparing for the future by embracing change.

The physical exhibition will see major changes in 2021. BMEX will be moved to the Sir Garfield Sobers Sports Complex. In addition, the exhibition which was traditionally hosted during Whitsuntide weekend, in the second quarter of each year, will now take place October 29th – 31st 2021.

The Sir Garfield Sobers Sports Complex provides the opportunity for a fresh look with a larger outdoor component. Utilizing the available space will not only improve safety, but it works well with our expanded fashion show and entertainment which will now be featured in a more aggressive format. Each day of the exhibition will feature fashion and entertainment as we strive to encourage collaboration between manufacturing and other sectors.

The virtual component will complement the physical by leveraging popular online channels and technologies to improve on the BMEX experience. Online visitors will see virtual exhibits, view the fashion show and other entertainment and purchase products online via the BMA’s e-commerce marketplace. Sponsors and exhibitors will benefit from the increased exposure and the extended presence online prior to and long after BMEX 2021 has concluded. Training sessions will be offered through various institutions prior to the exhibition to allow exhibitors to reposition themselves in light of the displacement Covid-19 have had on businesses.