The Barbados Manufacturers’ Association Trade & Innovation Summit (TIS) evolved from our premiere annual event BMEX. It aims to meet the changing needs of our membership, other stakeholders, and our national, regional and international customers.

Our Global Village

This year’s theme, “Our Global Village”, allows us to create a space that will foster increase trade for local manufacturers, while embracing international manufacturing as we work together with our counterparts regionally and globally to ensure the availability of goods, development, and expansion of local sectors.

TIS 2022 Objectives

Our Summit has a strong development approach with the following objectives:

  • Promote innovation in the manufacturing sector by connecting manufacturers with global experts who will share insights on areas critical to the future of manufacturing.
  • Present smart and sustainable technologies capable of transforming local manufacturing processes.
  • Provide participants with networking opportunities with companies, distributors in current and potential export markets.
  • Showcase equipment which can assist manufacturers improve the capacity, efficiency of their businesses and quality of their products.
  • Provide opportunities to generate new customers for businesses through the showcase of products to the public.
  • Increase trade for local, regional and international businesses.
  • Expand traditional manufacturing sectors through new market opportunities.
  • Find solutions to global issues through the manufacturing of innovative products.
  • Transform local and regional manufacturing by acting on technology transfer frameworks embedded in various trade agreements signed by Barbados.

The Summit is the first of its kind regionally because of its strong focus on the development and expansion of manufacturing. It is focused on building a global manufacturing network that is key to facilitating global market activity defined by interconnected functions, operations and transactions needed to bring products from prototyping to final delivery. The Summit allows for the rethinking supply chain management through exposing participants to alternative global partners for the sourcing of raw material etc. We are bringing players together in one place to facilitate opportunities for businesses which will make the difference to economic growth.

The Trade and Innovation Summit also allows us to celebrate our traditional sectors as they have played an important role in the development of our economy while acting as a launching pad for other businesses. It brings to manufacturers professional advice from global experts as it pertains some of the most topical areas of manufacturing. Moreover, it will allow all participating local, regional and global manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their products, advertise a range of equipment that can enhance various manufacturing processes and bring funding institutions in one place for them to access.

How will the Summit be delivered?

There are three main elements of the Summit:

  • The Pre-Summit Activities commence on July 01st 2022 and will run to October 10th;
  • Delegate Cultural exchange sessions will commence on October 10th and end on the 19th; and the
  • Summit Dialogue and Exhibition commence on October 21st and end on October 23rd.

These sessions and activities will help us to meet our objectives of finding solutions to global challenges by refining the innovations and partnerships needed to resolve challenges ahead of the in-person Summit activities in October, ensuring that solid deliverables will be achieved. Some of the challenges that manufacturing will seek to address here are

  • Food Security
  • Climate Change
  • Manufacturing for Healthy Lifestyles

There will be exploratory virtual sessions with regional and international partners that includes B2B matching. We have already started dialogue and other global partners will be engaged as we go forward; this will ensure activities in October are targeted and productive development of new products will be pursued. This includes the Ration Pack Initiative that features the BMA acting as a leader in innovation supporting our country’s disaster response programme through product specific development.

Our Pop-Up Exhibition – Manufacturing Safe Sustainable Living is one of the events within the calendar of the Pre-Summit activities of the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association Trade & Investment Summit (TIS) 2022. The Pop-Up Exhibition is centred around the subtheme of Manufacturing Safe Sustainable Living. The challenges Barbados faced in the last two years have emphasized the need to start our global outreach from a welcoming home base.

The event spearheaded by the BMA’s Construction Group will highlight the role that the manufacturing sector plays in achieving resilient, safe, healthy homes and sustainable living spaces.

The Delegate Cultural Exchange will assist us in meeting our networking opportunities. People do business with people that understand and appreciate culturally. Therefore, ensuring that our partners experience our culture, and we learn about theirs is critical to building relationships. Following this component networking will continue at our premium events which are:

  • The Cultural Presentation
  • The Fashion Show


Dialogue is an important element of the Summit as this is where knowledge transfer occurs. We are partnering with some of the best industry leaders globally to bring you development-oriented sessions. The Summit will bring together global experts to explore creative solutions to a number of global challenges that can be addressed through manufacturing.


There will be an exhibition element to the Summit which will practically highlight and showcase innovative solutions in the representation of products and services that can assist local manufacturers while providing trade opportunities for our local, regional, and global partners.  Since the first wave of the industrial revolution in 1760 to 1860 the world’s productive power has been evolving gradually but radically. Being aware of the constant evolution of the sector, our Founders’ vision is for the BMA “To be the change agent for achieving World-Class Excellence in Barbadian Manufacturing”. Therefore, it is critical that as a sector we do not stagnate, but we innovate to meet the demands of a changing world. The exhibition component allows the showcase of what we have to offer to the world and what the world has to offer us.

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